Packaging Industry

As the Packaging Industry in India grows, this sector is becoming very interesting for investors and producers. The largest part of the industry still is rigid packaging with laminate. However, flexible packaging is on the growth path. The sector is inter-related with other industries, such as food processing or pharmaceuticals. Therefore, their growth impacts the packaging industry as well.

It has also helped pro-longing the shelf life of many products. This validates the increasing demand for packaged consumer goods. In India, one can find a large base of raw materials that can be used to manufacture packaging products. Besides, there is an increasing trend of using eco-friendly or recyclable materials in packaging. The comparatively low manufacturing costs open opportunities to foreign companies and technology. In 2019, the size of the global packaging industry was USD 278.59 billion. Out of this, the Packaging Industry in India was valued at USD 75.95 billion in 2019. With many innovations happening, it is expected to reach USD 103.32 billion by 2025. This makes it a good opportunity for companies wanting to enter or expand the market.