Disposable industry

Often referred to as PVC strips, strip doors, strip curtains or flap doors, PVC strip curtains and sliding screens, are the most efficient solution for controlling many workshop hazards and creating a more safe and organized workplace. Initially, PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) is flexible and non-reactive to chemicals, which is mixed with additives like impact modifiers, stabilizers, and plasticizers to make them into sheets or strips that can be used to protect from noise, dust, smoke, fumes, welding sparks etc.

PVC strips are widely used as an effective and economical noise barrier in warehouses, loading docks, industries involving the use of machine tools, supermarkets, departmental stores and industrial plants. Using PVC strip curtains improves workplace safety and conditions by enclosing loud/noisy machinery, blocking traffic noise, or separating the stockroom from the retail floor.

Recommended PVC Strips

  • You can choose from a wide array of PVC strips and PVC strip curtains are doors can be custom made for your specific requirements.
  • We provide the following PVC Strip products for noise control.
  • Clear / Clear vinyl / Transparent / common / Flexible / Standard PVC strips – also available as Bulk strip rolls.