Tephra Polymers ABS Plastic dana master batch stands for Acrylo Nitrile Butadyne Styrene granules. Their chemical composition render them the physical properties like hardness, rigidity and the tendency to remain tough even at low temperatures for raw materials. These abs masterbatch consist of particles of a rubber like toughener suspended in a continuous phase of styrene acrylo nitrile (SAN) copolymer.

The present invention discloses an ABS clariant masterbatches and a preparation process thereof. The ABS clariant masterbatches is prepared by adopting a carrier, a dispersing agent, toner, a polymer compatibilizing agent, an impact modifier, a heat stabilizer, a plastic additive and a filler masterbatch as raw materials, wherein an air drying treatment is performed on the carrier, premixing is performed on the carrier resin, the toner and the dispersing agent, extrusion raw materials plastic dana granules, sample plate and abs granules sample strip injection molding is performed, and finally a color presentation, a tension presentation and an impact performance are tested.
According to the ABS granules master batch, features of suitable use master batch industry, no pollution on molded in the environment, high impact resistance, and uniform and stable coloring are provided; the resin carrier is exposed to the reasonable drying management so as to solve problems of easy flow mark production and non-uniform coloring of the traditional ABS master batch coloring; the color is added with the non-oraganic nanometer filler masterbatch so as to improve dispersity of the pigment in the pp dana plastic master batch product, coloring power of the pigment and covering power of the film product; and the production cost can be compact, and the preparation method is simple, and is suitable for promotional plastic raw materials use.

Tephra Polymers range of  White Masterbatches in India  manufactured with best quality and micronized Titanium Dioxide and specific polymer as per the applications. Tephra Polymers expertise in this domain has also enabled us to offer over 100 grades of White Masterbatches, which render maximum whiteness index, dispersion and opacity to a product. It is reckoned for its capacity to uniquely couple various loading of TiO2 with the best quality specific polymer.

White Msterbastch Injection moulding application to multi layer film, packaging, MPL has a very extensive range of White masterbatches.

Special whites masterbatch designed for specific end use applications are also available.

These include UV stabilized grades, grades with specific different types of colour tones, weatherable grades and food contact acceptable grades.

Polycolor White Masterbatches in India available in PP, PE, PET, PS AND EVA base resins for various applications.

Tephra Polymers manufactures white masterbatches master batch materials that brighten, whiten and add opacity to plastic applications. Our white masterbatches are polymer-specific for use for film and sheet extrusion, profile extrusion, injection moulding and blow moulding master batch manufacturers.

To enhance the required properties of your application, we can engineer a multi-component masterbatch that encapsulates functional and processing aids, such as anti-static, UV stability and much more.

As the cost of Titanium Dioxide continues to rise, it’s likely you’re looking for an affordable alternative and you’re not alone! Due to an growing demand for profitable whites masterbatch, we have developed Simply White, a range that offers excellent Color master batches accuracy and covering power for white masterbatch. This range can even overcome many processing problems associated with screw and barrel wear industry!

  • White Masterbatches Applications

  • Films requiring very high opacity

  • Very thin gauge films

  • LLDPE & metallocene LLDPE rich films for oil & milk flexible pouches

  • Multi-layers and mono layers films

  • TQPP, BOPP & BOPET films

  • Non critical application films with higher thickness of White Masterbatch

  • For High output machines

  • Injection Molding, Blow Molding & Roto molding applications

  • Thermoforming applications

  • HIPS sheets for disposable cups & other similar applications

  • Woven sacks & FIBC bags

  • PET Fibers – yarn & staple fiber

  • PP Non-Woven fabric


  • PP

  • ABS


  • Calcium Carbonate Filler

  • Desicant Filler

  • Talc Filler